TS65A Bluetooth 6.5" Angled In Ceiling Powered Speaker Pair Flush Mount

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TS65A Bluetooth 6.5" Angled In Ceiling Powered Speaker Pair Flush Mount

Product Description

Theater Solutions by Goldwood TS65A Speakers and BT500 Bluetooth Amplifier Set
Stream music from your phone to the external Bluetooth Amplifier
Plug the BT500 to a home power outlet, install speakers, wire speakers and Enjoy!

Goldwood BT500 Bluetooth Receiver with 75 watt built in Amplifier
Simply plug in the amp to a standard home power outlet
Attach the Right and Left, Positive and Negative raw speaker wires
Pair your Bluetooth device to the BT500 and you are Ready to Enjoy

TS65A Flush Mount Angled In Ceiling Wired Speakers
15 Degree Angled Flush Mount housings direct the sound and install easy with Pressure Lock Mounting System
Full Range sound coverage with 2-way woofer and tweeter configuration
6.5" Woven Fiber bulletproof cone woofers with butyl rubber surrounds
Pivoting Liquid Cooled Silk Titanium dome tweeters
3 Setting 0dB, -3dB and -6dB Tweeter Adjustment Switches
2nd Order 12dB per Octave Crossovers
Frequency response is 30Hz-20 kHz with 93dB at 8ohm
Pressure Lock Mounting System clamps tight to drywall with No Hardware Needed
Fits round speaker hole size of 8.25" with a mounting depth of 5.5"
Overall speaker size of 9.75" with Spring Loaded raw wire connections
Durable ABS Housings and Removeable Grills can be painted to match your decor

System Requirements
Standard US 110V Grounded Wall Plug
Any Bluetooth audio streaming device

Whole House Audio Systems
Business or Retail Installations

What's in the box
2 Flush Mount Passive Speakers with Removeable Grills and Cut-Out Template
1 BT500 Bluetooth Amp with Power Supply
50 Feet of 2 Conductor 16 Gauge CL3 Rated Raw Speaker Wire
Instruction Manuals
Shipping Box Weight
12.00 LBS
Shipping Box Height
Shipping Box Width
Shipping Box Depth