OVCDG Outdoor Volume Controls Gray Weatherproof 2 Piece Set

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OVCDG Outdoor Volume Controls Gray Weatherproof 2 Piece Set

Product Description

Theater Solutions by Goldwood OVCDG Outdoor Passive Dial Speaker Volume Control 2 Pack
Low Voltage passive design installs easy for Do-It-Yourselfer or Professional
Heavy Duty ABS Weatherproof Grey housing mounts easy with 4 screw holes
Versatile use with 4, 8, and 16ohm speakers and handles 150 watts per channel
Independent grounds work with any amp and the connections take wire up to 14 gauge
Change the shorting bars placement to safely connect to 8 pairs of 8ohm speakers
Shorting bars ensure the proper impedance matches the level being produced from your amp
Dial has 12 steps of attenuation with true first "off" position
Housing size is 2.75" x 4.5" x 2.75" with 4 mount holes and 1" PVC fitting for wire

System Requirements
Any home audio receiver or amplifier with raw speaker wire outputs
CL3 Rated in wall certified raw speaker wire for all connections

Whole House Audio Systems
Outdoor Business or Retail Installations

What's in the box
2 Outdoor Passive Dial Speaker Volume Controls with Shorting Bars
Instruction Manuals with Shorting Bar Reference Chart
Shipping Box Weight
3.00 LBS
Shipping Box Height
Shipping Box Width
Shipping Box Depth