TS6D Dual Input 6 Zone Speaker Selector Box for 12 Speakers

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TS6D Dual Input 6 Zone Speaker Selector Box for 12 Speakers

Product Description

Theater Solutions by Goldwood TS6D Dual Input Six Zone Passive Speaker Selector Box
Traditional Passive Design splits the incoming signal and power to engaged zones
This unit can input two amps or receivers and toggle between with an A/B Button per zone
One to all zones can be engaged ON/OFF at the same time
Connect 6 pair or 12 speakers at 8ohm speakers and handles 300 watts RMS per channel
Removeable screw bolt wire connectors fit 14 to 22 gauge speaker wire
Steel housing has rubber feet and a compact size of (H x W x D) 2" x 17" x 6"
Rear Protection Circuit Switch will maintain a stable 5ohm impedance when ON
Included pre-printed zone labels for clear and easy connection and identification

System Requirements
Any home audio receiver or amplifier with raw speaker wire outputs
CL3 Rated in wall certified or standard raw speaker wire for all connections

Whole House Audio Systems
Business or Retail Installations

What's in the box
1 Passive Speaker Selector Box
Instruction Manual
Shipping Box Weight
4.00 LBS
Shipping Box Height
Shipping Box Width
Shipping Box Depth